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About us

The Tempo Group is a building and development company owned by Ben Comelli located on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

Ben and The Tempo Group family are big believers of getting involved with communities both local and afar. Whether it’s donating our trade skills and time or fundraising, we’re committed to giving back whenever possible. This is a tight-knit team who like to work and play together. The play usually means meeting at the Mornington Peninsula Motor Cross Club and ripping it up. This will ultimately lead to a conversation about a team bike tour in a remote location.

This sense of adventure and love for bikes is the very reason how this journey began and why we are excited to announce the launch of our most ambitious community fundraising project yet – 50 Homes For 50 Families.

Our journey to Cambodia.

In February 2016, 11 members of the Tempo Team visited Cambodia for a team motorbike tour. The tour operator was fellow Aussie, Jason Thatcher. Ben discovered that Jason was also the founder of Global Village Housing (GVH), a grass-roots, passionate and dedicated organisation working hard to make the right changes in Cambodia by building and gifting homes to Cambodian families in great need.

And so the collaboration between a local Mornington building company owner and a motorbike tour operator in Cambodia started.

Our partnership with Global Village Housing.

After a 1,300km journey from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap, enduring the heat and lots of ‘enormous’ insects, the Tempo team rode into a village in the Kampot area. Here they constructed two brand new homes and gifted them to two local families consisting of elderly grandparents and young children.

During this visit, Ben and the team were so inspired by Jason and his volunteer, Samantha Townend, and their passion for this not-for-profit initiative, they decided this was going to be a long-term partnership with GVH and disadvantaged Cambodian families.

The perfect partnership formed, and together the passionate and dedicated teams from GVH and Tempo Group are working hard to make changes in Cambodia.  Our vision is to break the poverty cycle and transform the lives of impoverished families and communities in Cambodia.


Our 2018 house gifting campaign is our most ambitious project yet.
The aim is to raise enough funds to build and deliver 50 homes, including a school, in flood affected areas of Cambodia.