My Tempo Build a Village Experience by Shannon Connell , Tempo Project Manager.

I have worked at The Tempo Group for over ten years being exposed to some amazing opportunities, and my latest trip to Cambodia was another experience that I would like to share. In July, Amanda (my fiancé) and I were lucky to visit Cambodia together and re-visit the families we had met on our 2016 trip. I was excited to see our families in Kep and find out how they’ve been getting along in their gifted GVH homes.

The two and half hour trip was also a supply gathering exercise with our monk, Chhun Bann, and GVH Community Manager picking up essential items like rice, oil, noodles, bedding, soap, etc.

These packs are going to five families that are living side-by-side in gifted GVH houses. They see us arriving and their smiles say it all and the moment was uplifting. It was emotional to see them once again. The main thing that made my heart skip was how healthy they looked in comparison to when we gifted the homes back 2016.

The elders had a look of appreciation on their faces – but it was the kids that pulled my heartstrings. The brightness in their eyes and the smiles on their faces showed me that our contributions are making a difference.

The houses not only protect them from the elements but provide a sense of belonging. The families seemed to be more spirited and at the same time calm. The families have a reprieve from the uncertainty of day-to-day life. They have security for their families.

This is another experience that I will never forget, and each time I return, I hope to get a better understanding of how we can further help the people of Cambodia.

I’m so excited to see the difference that 50 Homes For 50 Families will make and I encourage all to get involved.