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Everyone deserves a place to call home

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We're excited to be partnering with Global Village Housing to build 50 homes for 50 families.

GVH manages the entire process for every home that is built and then gifted. Their small but dedicated team find the families with the assistance of Chhun Bann a local monk and Family Manager.

The team’s mission is to find the families in most need. Local, skilled builders create the homes in their factory and then organise the delivery, construction of each home and finally, the contract signing and handover to the family.

GVH homes have been field tested for over five years. You can donate with confidence knowing that all the homes are built to last.

Key features of the homes.

GVH houses are designed to fit in with local traditions and to withstand Cambodia’s harsh weather conditions. They include internal cladding and cross ventilation to shelter families from soaring temperatures and woven inner-wall panels and bamboo floors to protect them from storms and provide cooling relief from extreme heat.

The houses use durable materials that are readily available locally and are built on stilts to safeguard against flooding and germ-laden mud. Raising the home provides two areas that are undercover – sleeping and the space underneath for cooking and general living.

Read more about the homes by visiting the Global Village Housing website.


Some facts to get you thinking and then donating

Culturally fitting

Flatpack delivery system

Practical design can be set up in a few hours and are easily relocatable

Durable galvanised steel frame

Cross flow cooling and fully insulated

Solar lighting system & rainwater collection

Lockable windows & doors

Maintenance free

Donations are in A$. All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.